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Independent Agents

Dart Advantage Logistics  is currently looking for experienced independent agents with the drive and professionalism needed to accurately represent their business and ours.  

Provided with virtually all of the resources available to our company-owned offices, independent agents at Dart Advantage Logistics have what it takes to succeed. Our sophisticated computer dispatch system provides access to a database of over 15,000 carriers, including targeted truck searching capabilities and even the option of automatic load posting to major Internet freight boards. Our first-class operational and sales support covers all areas of the transportation industry, enabling our agents to truly be “full-service” logistics providers.

There are two ways of doing business as a Dart Advantage Logistics agent: operations and sales. These facets of our program are not exclusive-our agents can choose which loads to tender and which loads to cover through their own office, and other logistics companies.

An operations agent secures and covers freight, handling every aspect of its customers’ shipments from load tender to delivery. You would effectively be operating a full-service brokerage operation under our MC authority.

A sales agent generates new business and obtains freight from its current customers, and then tenders that freight to a Dart Advantage Logistics office to cover. You would act as a sales and customer service contact for your client base, while we would handle the operational aspects of moving their freight.

We provide access to our company dispatch software, as well as:

  • Operational Support
  • Quick-Pay for Carriers
  • Prompt Customer Credit Processing
  • Quick and Easy Carrier Set-Up Process
  • Direct Deposit
  • Customizable Marketing Materials

Contact us TODAY! Let our resources and experience be your Advantage!

Agent Requirements

  • 3 years transportation management experience
  • Prior sales experience
  • Strong business communication skills
  • General computer proficiency and familiarity with Microsoft Office
  • Prospective agent should be highly motivated with an attention to detail

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